Fascicle 33 poems for Friday April 11, 2014

F700/J636 The way I read a letter

F701/J637 The child’s faith is new

F702/J472 Except the heaven had come so near

F703/J638 To my small hearth


F704/J639 My portion is defeat

F705/J473 I am ashamed


F706/J640 I cannot live with you

F707/J641 Size circumscribes


F708/J474 They put us far apart

F709/J642 Me from myself to banish

F710/J475 Doom is the house


F283/ J313 I should have been too glad

F711/J476 I meant to have but modest needs


F712/J643 I could suffice for him

F713/J644 You left me sire

F714/J477 No man can compass a despair

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